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Made in the USA or Made in China—The Choice is yours.  We live in a representative democracy, they don’t.  Tell the President and your representative you know where YOUR jobs went and you don’t want to see  China destroy America!

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The thoughts here are my own, but I can’t help but think there are millions of Americans, especially those who don’t have a job making our “everyday” products, that feel the same way I do.  
Our jobs didn’t vanish off the face of the earth, they were moved.  They were moved with the blessings of our government and our corporations were only to glad to move where it was cheaper to manufacture their products.  
The plan was to make products in  China and then we would gobble them up here.  We did, and we still do.  But there is one thing missing.  What will we do to make the $ to purchase all that “Made in China” stuff?  I guess we were all supposed to become IT techs, scientist, sportsmen…….who knows?  But let’s face it, all of us aren’t rocket scientists and all of us can’t work for the government (although our government is trying to put us all to work on borrowed government dollars).

There are almost 150 Wal-Mart stores in  China.  How proud  those shoppers must be to see everything in the store made in their county


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I am not an economist, heck I barely graduated high school.  I am not running for elected office.  But when someone tells me we have lost millions of jobs and then doesn’t explain where they went, I get to wondering; “What did happen to those jobs?”  We all know what happened, they went to China, mostly.  No way to refute my estimation.  You see, I shop at Wally Mart too…………….I know where “everything is made.”   I see RED when I see where 99% of our consumables are made.

I don’t have a beef with the Chinese people, they gotta eat too!  I believe we should make things for our people here and they should be making things for their citizens, there.  If there is something EITHER country can’t make within it’s borders, then by all means import it. 

I am sure some Harvard or Yale professor will tell me I am “all wet.”  But I have but one question for them:  “When we don’t make ANYTHING at all in the USA, will that “be a good thing?”