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Made in the USA or Made in China—The Choice is yours.  We live in a representative democracy, they don’t.  Tell the President and your representative you know where YOUR jobs went and you don’t want to see  China destroy America!

Letter to Economic Chair, Christina Romer

March 2009—Never Received a Reply!

There are almost 150 Wal-Mart stores in  China.  How proud  those shoppers must be to see everything in the store made in their county


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24 March 2009

Dear Ms Romer:

 Saw you being interviewed on the TV news the other day.    I have one question for you and for my elected representatives (who have yet to respond) why isn't anyone talking about bringing the "lost" jobs back to the USA?  Remember when Ross Perot talked about the “Giant Sucking Sound.”  Why isn’t Obama talking about bringing our jobs back to America?  We used to make TV’s, clothing, shoes, toys and on and on.  We export more raw materials than finished goods, the hallmark of a third world nation.  We are the largest debtor nation in the world and the only thing our elected reps can come up with is to borrow more money from the  Chinese and others so we can buy more of their goods at the WalMart! 

 My wife and I were in a major department store this week and the manager said with the exception of a few men’s suits, everything in the store was imported. Obama is running around apologizing to other nations for suggesting a “buy America first” policy.  That is wrong and his stimulus plan is wrong!  No one has any trouble about crying about “getting off of foreign oil” but no one even whispers about "getting off of foreign" made consumables. Some say making everyday products in the US would be too expensive.  Oh really? Then why did Honda, Hyundai &Toyota, to name a few come to America to build their cars.  By the way, they are screwing their people as well by moving plants to other nations.  Did you know GM just built a multi million-dollar factory in St Petersburg Russia? Let’s get real here, if we don’t bring back manufacturing to America, we are going to go the way of the Mayans.

 In my opinion we don’t start making toasters, blenders, pot and pans, shirts, shoes, kitchenware, toys, large and small appliances and more we will go out of business.  If you bother to respond, you will be the first.  Again:  Does it make sense to borrow money from the  Chinese so we can purchase their goods in WalMart?  Does anyone really think borrowing and printing money to put unemployed Americans to work fixing roads and bridges, insulating buildings through temporary jobs is the way to go?  Does anyone think building windmills will save the USA?   Somehow, I got the feeling while watching your interview, you don't believe it either.

 Abe Lincoln said:  “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”