There are nearly 200 WalMart stores in China— How proud the shoppers must be  to see everything in the store made in their country.  Are you, as an American, proud to shop “big box” retailers and see 99% of the goods Made In China?

Tell the President you want him to install tariffs on Chinese products that will make them as expensive as if they were Made in the USA.  This will force manufacturing to return to the USA. American wages will adjust to pay for American products.

If getting off of foreign oil is a national priority, why isn’t getting off of Chinese products a national priority?


China is kicking our ass with the help of “Washington DC.”  We already export more raw materials than finished goods which is the hallmark of a third world nation. 


Are you proud?  If enough of us email, fax or write the President maybe something will change.  If not we will just fade away like the ancient Mayans.

The Choice, as Americans, is ours...Do we continue to build China until we fade away into history?  Are you laughing?  Go to WalMart and see where all the day to day products you are about to buy are made.  No longer a joke.  The Communist Chinese will have the last laugh.

The Chinese don’t need nuclear bombs, tanks and missiles to conquer America, it has WalMart, Target,  Home Depot and the US Government. 

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There isn’t any reason to manufacture hard drives in the USA…...RIGHT?