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Made in the USA or Made in China—The Choice is yours.  We live in a representative democracy, they don’t.  Tell the President and your representative you know where YOUR jobs went and you don’t want to see  China destroy America!

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There are almost 200 Wal-Mart stores in  China.  How proud  those shoppers must be to see everything in the store made in their county


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Do you see “red” when you shop at Wal-Mart?  You should!  Are you infuriated by the “Made in China” label on seemingly everything.  Do you believe this country  can survive much longer by importing “everything?”

The global trade experiment between the USA and China has failed.     Having nearly all of our day to day consumables made in China is gradually reducing America to a third world nation.  One of the hallmarks of a third world nation is exporting more raw materials than finished goods.  Well we are  there!

A trip to any big box retail store will reveal that close to 100% of the hard consumable goods are manufactured elsewhere - most from China.  Those goods include small and large appliances, clothing, shoes, cameras, automotive products, toys, and yes, even our Christmas ornaments – everything  is “Made in China.”

The President and other politicians talk about creating jobs.  The President has said jobs are his number one priority.  However his solution to the problem is more a part of the problem than the solution. He is borrowing and printing money to support jobs to repair government buildings, roads, and bridges when he should be doing everything he can to bring manufacturing jobs back to America..

Do you wonder where the people with the skills for the proposed jobs are to come from?  Where are they now?  Is the current 10% unemployment rate a consequence of those road and bridge repair specialists being out of work?  Fact is people are out of work because we have outsourced manufacturing jobs not because we have been neglecting government buildings, roads and bridges.    Why aren’t our elected officials talking about the loss of jobs to foreign nations instead of “painting the Golden Gate Bridge?”

In January 2010, heavy equipment manufacturer -  Caterpillar, announced it was “looking to China for growth.”  They intend to outsource jobs to China while the President is outfitting another crew to fill potholes on I-95.  Send the skilled work to China and create heavy labor semi-skilled jobs here.  Does that make sense?

This failed trade experiment with China has cost 2.3 million USA jobs in the last 6 years!  Why? 

A significant reason is the government’s failure/unwillingness to notice what was happening and to take steps to prevent it.  This has had a catastrophic impact on the economy now and it will have an ever increasing negative impact for the future.  How did this happen?  The answer is simple.  It is because American corporations “run” our government.  These corporations – driven by greed – have taken a short term view of how to maximize profits while ignoring the impact of their actions on the American worker and the future of this country.  This failure of our government to act for whatever reason demands action.  It is time to take back the government from the corporations by electing officials who are not in bed with Big Business.

Some say American Workers are too expensive.  If so why have Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and other foreign manufacturers moved manufacturing plants here?  Fact is it is cheaper to put America back to work than for America to declare bankruptcy.  Make no mistake that is where we are headed if we continue to destroy our manufacturing base.  It is not too late to turn this around.

If we don’t, the day will come when the Chinese won’t need the USA for technology or as a place to sell its products.  As I am creating this website, diplomatic relations between the Chinese and America are cooling.  Who will make our toasters, coffee makers, washing machines and dryers, clothing, shoes, toys and (almost forgot) our Christmas ornaments? And how will we pay for them? Just ask yourself - “If China cut us off tomorrow, where would we be?  There are almost 150 Wal-Mart stores in China.  How proud must those shoppers be to see everything in the store made in their County—”MADE IN CHINA”    Do you as an American beam with pride when you see everything you purchase, “Made in China?”  Ask yourself – “Would I pay a penny, a nickel, or a dollar more to have those jobs return to THIS COUNTRY?  You must act now.  Tell the President and his Chair of Economic Advisors, Alan Krueger you want immediate action to start reversing the loss of manufacturing jobs and where possible to order American manufacturing back to the USA………..NOW!